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Kurt, Do You Copy?

I most definitely do.

That is, if you mean providing copywriting services.

Not to be confused with any legal profession involving copyright law. So let’s make this clear:

What is a copywriter?

  • A person who writes the text of advertisements or publicity material [Lexico].

  • A copywriter produces copy (i.e. the written content).

  • A copywriter is a salesperson, with an aim to inspire action.

Why hire a copywriter?

  • Specific focus on text. Same reason you’d hire a graphic designer to create the visual portion of an ad campaign.

  • Copywriters know how to write persuasive content.

  • Copywriters are able to write for different mediums (e.g. print, brochures, social media, websites).

Why choose Kurt to craft your copy?

  • Armed with an eye for detail and for creativity.

  • Qualified with a Level 4 (RQF) Diploma in Copywriting from the College of Media and Publishing.

  • Professional experience, trust, and transferable skills from main hustle (construction cost management).

  • Lifelong passion for English literature & language, music, and travel.

  • Able to tailor online copy to suit SEO (Search Engine Optimised) standards.

  • He's inherently curious, and cost-efficient*.

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This is me, and what copywriting can be.
But who are you?

Are you a small business wanting perked-up promotional material?

Are you a band, artist, or organisation looking for an informed, articulate voice in the marketplace?

Are you a brand starting out that could do with some creative consulting on your copy?

You’ll have these and more
when Kurt Writes Things for you.

* Rates upon enquiry and initial briefing. Let’s discuss through the Contact form.