Writer. Musicologist. Cost Manager. Explorer.

I am at least one of these at any given time. It makes for strange mindfellows.

My name is Kurt and I am a 30-something white male with facts sometimes masquerading as opinions. Iā€™m currently based in London in the United Kingdom.

For my main hustle (construction cost management), link up with me here.
For my side hustle (copywriting), head right this way.

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I am qualified with a Level 4 Diploma (RQF) in Copywriting from the College of Media and Publishing - a UK-based online college - completed part time during 2019.

The online copywriting course is fully accredited with the ABC Awards and Certa Awards Quality Licence Scheme, and CMP is on the UK Register of Learning Providers.

Course content included:

  • industry standards, terminology, and presentation

  • writing copy for different mediums - press releases, advertisements, leaflets/brochures, sales pitches, email newsletters, SEO-optimised content for websites, social media

  • branding strategies and running a freelance copywriting business

2-for-1 deal: my wife Lauren (@laurenclaireduvel) also writes things on her website Wishlists and Wanderings. A like-minded traveller, she has a plant-powered approach and focus on productivity.

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